Disco Lighting & DJ Light Hire Melbourne
Genuine nightclub lighting effects for your party or function.

Here are all the “proper” bar/nightclub lights that we include in our standard price:

There are actually ELEVEN of the disco lights pictured from this page included in every DJ hire package.

They are:
A 4 way scanner bar ( mainly used for wedding lighting ) OR a Rolmoon OR a Kaleidescope; a Mace OR a Meteor/Mine OR a Mini-Mace; a Scotty OR a Mushroom OR a Super 2; a pair of single scanners; a Super Derby; a 75watt Strobe; a 1.2metre UV light; a Sunflower; a Stormbird; and a Starflash

Plus EVERY one of our mobile disco systems includes a Smoke Machine to make all our fantastic disco party lights look even better!

Along with our ELEVEN proper club lighting effects, plus the smoke machine, there is also a set of 3 Perspex fronted light-boxes included in ALL our Melbourne mobile disco systems. These light-boxes come in various different sizes to suit both the size of the function & also the amount of space available at your party venue for our disco system.

We also have even more lights that you can optionally add to your event to make it even more of a visual feast. Choose from lasers of almost any colour, and Scanners that can fill the larges of venues.

Our standard lighting setup!
Martin Starflash
Martin Starflash
Mini Mace
Strobe and UV